Special Orders

Woodgrain Millwork provides customer special order opportunities in mouldings, door shop products, window parts, and a large variety of other products. Our diverse capabilities are only limited by not knowing the full extent of our customer's or potential customer's needs. If there is a question on whether or not it can be done, just ask. Additionally we are not limited within the moulding and millwork industry; we source a wide variety of wood species and have the expertise to tool machinery to fit almost any milling need.

Flexible Sourcing

Our customers have the flexibility to choose product delivery to their locations in a variety of ways. We strive to help our customers minimize working inventory. Depending on volume, material can be delivered in mixed full or half truckloads as well as full truckloads or full container loads. Various service packages are available with this option to ensure our customer's individual needs are met. Our goal is to deliver our products at the lowest total cost of ownership to our customer's locations.

Support and Resources

Woodgrain Millwork is dedicated to supporting our customer's efforts in selling to their customer. We are prepared to help market and merchandise moulding products as well as help educate team members and customers on the value and benefits of millwork products. There are many opportunities for Woodgrain Millwork to support sales efforts, contact your sales representative to discuss what opportunities may be the best fit.