Manufacturing Overview

Woodgrain Millwork is one of the largest manufactures of wood moulding and trim and the largest manufacture of prefinished mouldings in the United States. We currently operate seven mills throughout the United States and South America.


All Woodgrain mills manufacture to the West coast WM standards. We pride ourselves in profile consistency through our own profile templates used in the manufacturing of the tooling and knives needed in the manufacturing process. Our customers have the comfort of knowing they receive consistency in product from any of our Woodgrain mills.


In addition to all the standard moulding profiles, Woodgrain has thousands of profile templates available along with in-house CAD capabilities for any customer's specific needs. We can customize products based on profile, species, finish, dimensions, machining, and other needs such as UPC labeling.


Over the past few years, Woodgrain continues to invest in state of the art manufacturing technology allowing for tighter tolerances throughout the manufacturing process. This allows for more effective and efficient use of the board. Additionally we focus on continuous improvements helping to drive standardization and reduce costs whenever possible.


In our total commitment to customers, Woodgrain promises exceptional value through product and service solution delivered at the lowest total cost of ownership. In our total commitment to the environment, Woodgrain promises to act as a responsible corporate citizen, optimizing the use of the resources and producing products that not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also the health of people.


The wood used by Woodgrain originates from sustainable sources. Over 99 percent of the wood fiber processed by Woodgrain is used as a product. The residuals of the manufacturing process are used on our Nature's branded products of animal bedding and fuel pellets. Woodgrain recycles every product possible and strives to operate in an environmentally conscience manner.




FSC® * Certificate