LifeTech - Revolutionary performance in exterior door components.

LifeTech components are manufactured by fingerjointing a revolutionary product - Accoya® - to the bottom. The technology behind this is based on wood acetylation, a non-toxic, environment friendly process that improves the performance without compromising strength.

  • Double pass primed and sanded with a 180 day primer applied
  • Limited lifetime warranty against rot and backed by Accoya
  • An effective barrier against rot and insects, indigestible to insects and micro-organisms
  • Exceptional physical properties proven durability with resistance to UV rays, wear, splitting and impact
  • Class 1 durability - traditional installation techniques, high resistance to wear and eliminates call backs
  • Made in the USA

Durability Comparison

Accoya is the world's leading hign performance wood. Accoya wood's durability is Class 1, matching and even exceeding the performance of nature's most durable woods. Durability is assesses by measuring weight loss over time in exposed conditions.

Fire Rated Frames

  • 20 Minute Warnock Hersey fire rating approval
  • Great for single and multi-family homes and light commercial applications
  • Full product line offering

LifeTech is available in a full offering of exterior door components all available with the Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • Exterior Frames
  • Brick Mould
  • Mull Post
  • Mull Casing
  • Stiles and Rails

All Lifetech components are non-toxic protecting the environment from harmful effects of poisons. There is no need to apply chemical preservatives to the Accoya® wood. The wood is sourced from responsibly managed sustainable forests and can be safely reused and recycled


LifeTech Sample Sleeve